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Factory Air is part of the temperature control division of Standard Motor Products which is the primary climate control supplier to virtually every retailer and buying group in North America. In addition to supplying Aftermarket products for the entire chain of distribution, we also supply product to some original equipment service parts organizations.
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Our strength lies in our dedicated work force and their commitment to quality. From the Design Engineer, Production Supervisor & Purchasing Managers, to the Product Manager and the Assembler on the production line, the goal is the same...

Total Customer Satisfaction!
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Inventory is updated in real-time, so we always know, at any moment, the inventory available for sale. These resources enable us to process and ship over 2,000 emergency orders per day in addition to daily stocking orders. We’ve invested in the latest ERP and Forecasting Tools that have paid dividends in a much more accurate forecast to demand. This, combined with collaborative customer planning, has allowed us to ship at a 96% fill rate during our peak season.

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